June 18 – July 23
exhibition at WRO Art Center

The term has penetrated from medieval Latin into many modern languages, it means dependence on something else (ab alio). Used in medieval metaphysics, and then by philosophers from Spinoza to Derrida and Latour, the term abalietas describes the human condition, far from self-sufficiency, entangled in the meanders of culture, economy, and biopolitics. This term appears in considerations on contemporary art, devoid of pretensions to perfection and susceptible to context, and concerning the technical sphere, in particular digital and virtual communication with relational, non-permanent priorities. The presentations of the exhibition will include works showing such dependence, reflexive subordination, unclear causality, meanings on the grid of references and dynamic readings, relations between creation and viewers’ consciousness, relations between reality infiltrated by subjectivity and the perception of its states.

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Post Growth Toolkit (The Game)

Post Growth Toolkit (The Interviews)

A Giant Swarm

Coal Mine in the Canary

The Unknown Future Rolls Towards Us

The Tears of Potential

Stranger to the Trees