Media Library

Starting from May 12th – the start of WRO Biennale 2021 REVERSO – we will launch and put at your disposal Media Library, one of the places of presenting video programs of this year’s edition.

It is also a new version of the platform dedicated to sharing content from the WRO archives and collections – the largest repository of new media art resources and documentation in Poland.

WRO collection contains an extensive selection of works of Polish and international media art ranging from the 1970s to the most recent productions. The constantly expanding collection, developed in connection with ongoing projects, also includes historical and contemporary statements by artists and theorists as well as materials recorded during conferences and debates.

Archival materials, produced in various years and recorded on various analog and digital media, are being systematically digitized, processed, and stored in the best available quality.The system of cataloging and providing access to data is an original solution developed by WRO, based on the experience of international institutions that promote art.

From the very beginning, WRO made sure that all events – exhibitions, performances, concerts, installations, symposiums, and presentations – were recorded and documented. At the same time, we ensured to retain the rights to use the collected recordings for research and educational purposes. As a result, a collection of unique materials was created, which over time became the basis for many projects: publications, exhibitions, thematic paths, and educational programs. The archives also served as a basis for strictly artistic activities, such as interactive installations in which the archival recordings were given new contexts.

The system prepared and further developed in cooperation with the Wrocław University of Science and Technology now allows you to browse regularly supplemented video materials, available without any restrictions (documentations and recordings, current programs) or locally at the WRO Art Center (other video works from our collection).

Media Library at the current stage is a BETA version – it is still subject to tests and further improvements resulting from the use and current service – the resources are supplemented almost every day. Feel free to use its functionality!

We appreciate feedback! If you would like to share your opinion, please send an email to

Curators: Piotr Krajewski, Viola Krajewska, Dagmara Domagała, Krzysztof Dobrowolski, Cezary Wicher
Video and metadata: Magdalena Żabska, Aleksandra Łukaszewska, Zuzanna Grzeszek, Roland Bąk
Technical implementation / IT:  Bartosz Wilk, Kamil Drop, Sebastian Sowizdrzał (PWr), Jarosław Ćwirzeń

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