Aleksander Janicki (PL)

Aleksander Janicki – intermedia artist, performer, graphic designer, photographer, sculptor, set designer, creator of video and semiautomatic and interactive installations (often innovative in nature) including multi-sensory, site-specific and public space structures. Curator, author of projects in the field of multimedia, architecture, graphic design, exhibitions based on new technologies (AR, VR, AI, holography, immersion). Director of actions in public space and of hybrid character, including para-theatrical and based on projection technology, large-format, mapping and multi-channel zone sound. He has collaborated with many international artists including Maja Ratkie, Shoichi Yabuta and Mokoto Ofune. His interdisciplinary work, using various creative strategies, addresses issues related to the dialogue of cultures, identity and exclusion, mass media and reproduction, database structure, artificial intelligence, cultural nomadism and the condition of the contemporary everyman in the context of the Anthropocene. Founder of HiQ Formation, Big Data Collective performing audiovisual performances based on the strategy of intuitive and generative music, in which the image created in real time by the performer becomes a score for the musicians. Creator of the International Forum Culture Futura, AYA Found, Galeria i!, Apteka janicki galery, PerForm. For many years a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He has won many prestigious awards at home and abroad.

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