Horacy Muszyński (PL)

Horacy Muszyński – at the moment a participant of the De Ateliers program in Amsterdam. Winner of the 2nd Award at Project Room 2019, the 2017 Hestia Artistic Journey, and the 2nd Award at the Young Wolves 16 festival. His films have been shown at a number of venues, including the 68th Cannes Film Festival (2015), Film Polska Berlin (2016), the Szczecin European Film Festival (2016), the Cracow Film Festival (2017) and the Survival Art Festival (2019). Muszyński works at the intersection of filmmaking and art. He introduces performance into his films; for example, actors who starred as family members in Dolly were expected to sustain family relationships off set as well. In ID, he hired an actor who replaced Horacy in real life. He also derives inspiration from the niche film production of the latter part of the 20th century. This contributed to his Kishonia, a horror film about mutant dill pickles, the Polish version of which is read by the well-known voice-over actor Tomasz Knapik. Muszyński is a firm believer in the urgency of stripping artistic circles of elitism and making art accessible and comprehensible to all audiences.

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