Piotr Barszczewski (PL), Krzyszof Cybulski (PL), Krzysztof Goliński, Jakub Koźniewski (PL)

panGenerator is a group founded in 2010 by Piotr Barszczewski, Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński and Jakub Koźniewski. Their works are blending realms of bits and atoms, digital and analog, providing tangible and interactive experiences for the audience. In opposition to the convoluted, hermetic language of traditional modern art they believe in creating more approachable and engaging forms of art that don’t require the audience to read lengthy curatorial texts. The group’s works were presented all over the world at exhibitions and festivals such as Ars Electronica, ZKM Karlsruhe, Dutch Design Week, WRO Media Art Biennale, SXSW, Warsaw Autumn and many more. In 2018 they received prestigious “Polityka” Passports in Digital Culture.

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