Neon, or the interlacing of media history

In May 2021, at the opening of the WRO Biennale REVERSO, we switched on a neon sign over our venue. Thanks to Kamila Mróz, a visual artist who works with this medium, WRO’s two-dimensional logotype transferred into a spatial object, a luminous sculpture.

On December 18, during the closing of the Biennale, the neon will be switched off. It will start shining again on New Year’s Eve to inaugurate the WRO program for 2022.

To learn more about the history of WRO’s logotype, read the conversation between Cezary Wicher, curator, and Piotr Krajewski, Biennale’s artistic director.

From a typewriter to the neon. The conversation about the sign and (among other things) the history of design, typography, media, and friendship.

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