A story about the future

WRO Art Center / May 30, 12:30 PM

The last Sunday of May is time for Sunday with WRO. This time we meet in WRO – in a real place! It will also be the last Sunday with the Start REVERSO exhibition. We invite family teams to be creative and imaginative. During the workshop divided into two parts, the first about communication, community and hashtags, and the second creative part about artificial intelligence and avatars, we will discuss the topics around which the current exhibition Start REVERSO revolves and together we will create a story about the future. The workshop will be led by Julia Czerwińska, Kamila Krzewina and Weronika Krawczyk – the art guides who also co-create the Junior WRO program. The workshop is designed for families with children aged 6-8 years old.

To sign up for the event please send an email to zapisy@wrocenter.pl with your name, surname, phone number, name of your child/children and their age in the subject line, and NzW in the topic. We invite 6 families to join us. Participation in the event is free.

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