Revenge Screentime Procrastination

online / June 10, 8:00 PM

The video program will be available for 24 hours.

*No one will save the poor zombie from the depths*.

Let us dream on the screen. Let’s claim what’s rightfully ours – time with a pocket-sized black mirror.

Revenge Screentime Procrastination is about snatching more hours of sleep to engage with the heated lamp of realism, not 19th-century realism, but capitalist realism, in which we view ourselves with others. The narcissism of wasting time on our terms, about things we could care about but are on the screen, so we don’t.

A rush of unicorns on a wall scrolled like Muybridge’s glass circles – the score proves that music is math, the internet in this mix is a perpetual refrain, a whine of error, glitch, and phase shift. The Internet is Repetitive is a reprise accompanied by industrial humming. There’s no lack of rumble in the submerged city, on which surface the steps of the dancers rhythmically move – bringing with them emptiness into a deserted, rendered world. All or Nothing At All is like Strangers in The Night after the melting of the permafrost, unaffected by sublimation. We sublimate, however, in a landscape that inspired the early theories of Karl Marx – and here it is not theory but the practice that has theoretically turned the surroundings of the Dutch town of Maastricht into a work of industrial art, a monument to modern man. Weaving together the themes of landscape and capitalism, Solastalgia reveals that nothing has the same aestheticizing power today as representations of climate catastrophe. The spleen does not carry Rule, Britannia! across the sea when the cruise ships have deserted. The projected new world in Every Rupture is like the old world, but à rebours, taken out of Alice in Wonderland after the mirror phase, where you slave away on your island. The closing becomes the movement of energy driving the graphics card, a snail-like pulse jumping over elements in a plastic package – How to Disappear, based on the Battlefield V engine, turns war into eternal work – being hyperactive, dodging a deadly bullet (respawn) or offering that bullet to others (respawn). Deserters of all countries! remember! escape is the potential ruined by abandoning escape. This escape is conditioned by clicking the ESCAPE button.

Cezary Wicher

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The Internet is Repetitive

All Or Nothing At All

WRO Art Center / May 12-30


Every Rupture

How to Disappear