online / November 11, 8:00 PM

In a fighting mood on a non-accidental day, we are going to Work-out. We will not exercise from resignation. We will train every part of our body. Our work-out brings together different types of training – body, and mind. One body can lead to a series of shifts in daily life. Putting the body in motion will make the mind adapt to the change. No pain, no gain.

In Black Sun by Úrsula San Cristobal we are transported to a world marked by melancholy – an oasis of black sun.

Yana Suslovets in Annex presents an array of space-grabbing tactics. The body in the post-choreographic mode, although merged with the environment, grows out of it and takes care of itself, without trying to establish any new ontology.

In Dimitris Gkikas’s An Army of Him, we look at the capture and multiplication strategy, taken straight from the streets – the blocking of an interface, with a series of similar figures. The procession of masked perpetrators begins and ends at the level of a several-inch lamp shining in our face – the moment of getting the job done in the form of clicking a red circle depends only on us, though, it can be an extremely tedious job.

Laura Grudniewska’s Soft Poachers, implementing strategies of coping in a digital world of found footage nature, transforms voice into a tool of world recognition and self-discovery at the same time.

The masked perpetrators return, this time as children. In Nonsense Guerilla’s Manual by Joacelio Batista, we confront the actions of those who will walk the Earth after us – children as Others present a seemingly similar but opposite set of tools.

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Black Sun


An army of Him

Soft Poachers

Nonsense Guerilla’s Manual