video, 18:45, 2020

The work was filmed over the course of one day in the resort towns around the coast lines of the Salton Sea, California. The Salton Sea is an ecological disaster in the making: it was created by accident in 1905 and became California’s most popular tourist attraction in the 1960s. In the 70s, all the fish died due to pesticides and fertilizers. Today, California’s largest internal body of water is steadily drying up, exposing a lake bed that threatens to trigger toxic dust storms and exacerbate already high levels of asthma and other respiratory diseases in Southern California. The lakes odour can be smelled 150 miles away in Los Angeles.

Niklas Goldbach (DE)

Niklas Goldbach, born in Witten, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. In his videos and photographies Goldbach is involved in the relation between architecture and necropolitics within modernist traditions and postmodern cities. Established between reality and fiction, Goldbach’s works use architectural concepts and elements to create ambiguous perceptions of man-made environments. He appropriates urban environments as stages to examine the relationship between subjectivity and hierarchical societal structures through the lens of a globally expanding interconnectivity of these sites.

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