A Giant Swarm
video, 06:43, 2020

A single-channel video version of a 6-channel, quasi-narrative soundscape and immersive multimedia installation. The piece traverses the inextricable intermingling of the digital and the physical; reflecting on biological, ecological, and psychological side-effects of our march toward forecast techno-utopias. Darkly optimistic about unexpectedly thriving lifeforms, it journeys into parallel existences, looking at digitalisation through the lens of non-human subjectivities. Informed by extensive research into the proliferation of Medusozoa (jellyfish) and case studies of adapting ecologies in the post-Anthropocene, the video explores the webbed networks of responsibilities that connect beings in interdependent ecosystems.

Gretta Louw (AU)

Gretta Louw is an Australian artist and curator based in Munich, Germany. Working across digital media, textiles, and installation, Louw’s practice explores a broad range of psycho-social and environmental phenomena in relation to advancing technologies. Her work has been exhibited widely—including at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia (AU), Zuccaire Gallery (US), Kunstmuseum Solothurn (CH), Watermans London (UK), and Villa Merkel (DE). Louw has been recognised with a number of awards including most recently the Visual Arts Prize Munich and an Australia Council career development grant. Her work has been covered by Motherboard, Hyperallergic, AQNB, and Kunstforum, amongst others.

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