A random event in a public space
video, 03:36, 2020

The work is a CGI composition and has been made entirely with real-time simulation software. Papafigos has been developing his research further into gaming technology and made him explore in-depth the ways in which combine the natural world with the projection of digital content (image & sound). Yet, the current situation of the pandemic has a great impact on our daily lives since we are forced to redefine our behaviour as well as habits. His video focuses on the relationship between individuals’ and contemporary life, by giving a feeling of social alienation and the way we perceive the notion of public and private. Artist is interested in the interchange of movement and stillness as a comment on the ephemeral, time and death, underlying the feelings we are witnessing nowadays such as the uncertainty and the isolation from each other.

Yorgos Papafigos (GR)

Yorgos Papafigos (born in Larisa, Greece) graduated from the Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts faculty of painting and Royal College of Arts – Moving Image in London. His artistic practice is characterised by a variety of media and techniques. The central theme of his work is the conceptual approach to new technologies and the way they affect, deconstruct and transform human existence. One of the most important aspects of his work is how immateriality through images, video and computer-generated imagery affects our perception of the real world and the way we experience crisis.

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