Adoration of the Mystic Lamb
video, 02:57, 2020

Video work, which uses digital retouching tools to create frame-by- frame animation. It reinterprets the painting by Hubert and Jan van Eyck. In this animation video all is good for desacralizing the image and the ways to show it. Through a post-photographic process, the digital retouching becomes visible and assumed.

Robin Lopvet (FR)

Robin Lopvet is a visual multimedia artist working with questions of language play, recuperation economy, parody, handiwork and fun. He lives and works on the Internet. His works deal with questions of transmission, mutation and identity. They anchor themselves in the contemporary issues involved around image making. Robin Lopvet regularly exposes his works in France and internationally (United States, Holland, Japan, China, Spain, Poland and Russia) while working professionally in image editing. Among other things, he won the prize of the public at the Unseen talent from Amsterdam.

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