An army of Him
video, 01:16, 2019

The work is a commentary on the role and nature of social media in the modern society. The multitude of windows represents the power of social media to reach so many different individuals all at once. It creates an almost hypnotic-like sense of surrealism. It causes the eye to lose focus, evoking the glassy-eyed state one finds themselves in after too much screen time. At the end of the video the name Salvador Dali is shown, but it is obvious that the masked man is of course not who he claims. Here the notion of identity comes into question. The figure is not of a typical social media influencer, but the opposite. They are an agitator. They are a person resisting the process of global dominance.

Dimitris Gkikas (GR)

Dimitris Gkikas is a Berlin-based new media artist and designer from Athens, Greece. In his work, Gkikas is using found materials (such as GIF’s, stock images, videos) and systems (Google Street View) from the internet, which he manipulates and re-contextualises. By doing so, he is trying to redefine their primary context and display their undiscovered characteristics. With the use of internet as a medium he is trying to communicate his thoughts and feelings and make them easily accessible. His work has been exhibited at Ars Electronica, Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Vector Festival, Electronic Language International Festival (FILE), Zukunftsvisionen, Transmediale Vorspiel and The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale.

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