… and codes that break my heart. Anyway.
— ... i kody, które łamią mi serce. Tak czy inaczej.
installation, 06:12, 2020

The work consists of a process of artistic investigation, Muhoro and Wysocka, showing a cause-and-effect sequence in the processes of data extraction by private companies that have begun to experiment with data collection. The research reveals the gradual polarization of views and the breakdown of cybersecurity. They are complemented by the poetic and literary layer of the film, referring to the state of threat and paranoia felt by a generation of young female and male activists, who, as the artists say, “in the struggle for their rights, from time to time lose their sanity, blaming themselves for the lack of adequate defense systems, knowledge, although only highly specialized experts have access to them.”

Amy Muhoro (KE), Weronika Wysocka (PL)

Weronika Wysocka in her artistic practice deals with such issues as the impact of technology on humans and nature. Graduate of Miroslaw Balka’s Studio of Spatial Activities, she studied at UdK Berlin and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. She participates in the F is for Fact program at the Sanberg Institute. Her work has been exhibited in Poland and abroad; Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, TOP Museum Tokyo, Backehause Art Complex Miami, among others.
Amy Muhoro is a multidisciplinary artist from Kenya. Her practice focuses on the intersection of art and history and their role in human life.

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