video, 05:47, 2020

Annex is, by definition, something incorporated, a complement on which the conclusion of a reasoning depends. Connected to another; together; incorporated; dependent and accessory – adjectives that manage to describe the word annex and also the function/position of an artist as an active element in society. This video dance concludes a manifest to art in this moment of metamorphosis. A body works in a space. Yet when this body joins other bodies in the same space, its function is transferred to the group.

Yana Suslovets (UA)

Yana Suslovets was born in Ukraine. In Portugal, she studied in The National Conservatory Dance School of Lisbon between 2005 and 2008. Currently she is a freelance dancer, performer and teacher based in Portugal. Her approach to the artistic research is influenced by the input from diverse artistic fields and her focus is on a balanced sum which can create a possibility to experience a blend between different textures that merge into the final outcome formats such as performance, film or installation.

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