ASMR for Earthly Survival
video, 10:00, 2019

Soft voices and soothing sounds will take the audience on a sensory audiovisual journey through a dystopian near future. The resulting work is based on the collaborative composition and exploration of intimate fears and tribulations related to current climate change narratives, and represented through the implementation of the experimental ASMR methods presented at the “ASMR for earthly survival” workshop held by the collective. “ASMR for earthly survival” explores the potential of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) as a tool for the creation of intimate science fiction storytelling narratives.

Post-Bio-Internet Collective

The Post-Bio-Internet Collective explores natural and virtual environments through participatory actions, investigating the influence of online phenomena and their systems of representation in the perception of our physical reality. This new virtual collective subjectivity offers us new possibilities, as it promotes the idea that today—as Joseph Beuys predicted—everyone is an artist, thus assigning a new role to shared images and their producers. The Post-Bio-Internet Collective embraces the creative potential of internet culture as the source of rich materials for the creation of new cartographies of subjectivity from which new values will be affirmed.

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