Black Sun
— Soleil Noir
video, 05:49, 2020

An audiovisual poem inspired by Gérard de Nerval’s and Julia Kristeva’s writings on melancholy. Images, sounds, actions and text that evoke some of the most intimate sensations and concerns of a melancholic state, propose to the audience a reflection on sadness and depression in our daily lives. What is this black sun whose radiation clouds my wishes and burns my hopes? How to escape from the prison of sadness? Can artistic creation overcome melancholy?

Úrsula San Cristóbal (CL)

Úrsula is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Barcelona. Her work proposes a meeting point between music, contemporary art and audiovisual language. She is devoted mainly to Live art and low tech video art, addressing issues such as gender violence, migration, memory, identity, and subjectivity. Úrsula holds a PhD in Art History and Musicology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her research interests centres around the role of sound and music in performance art and video art.

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