Breaking The Silence
net-based artwork, 2020

A news website that highlights and brings to focus contemporary taboo topics. The articles were generated using automatic text summarization techniques. Initially, news articles that contain the word taboo and thus include overt references to contemporary taboo topics in today’s press, as well as the report of transgressions, were mined from various online sources. The mined articles are then grouped into topics using Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods and correspond to identified taboos. The generated articles on “Breaking the Silence” underline the different taboos discussed at different times and the arguments for their creation, maintenance, or destruction.

Amalia Foka (GR)

Amalia Foka (born in Greece) is a Creative Artificial Intelligence Researcher and educator who explores the intersection of computer science and art. Her work makes use of different artificial intelligence technologies and social media data to generate and study art. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Computer Science: Multimedia Applications for the Arts at the School of Fine Arts, University of Ioannina, Greece. She holds a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering (1998) and an MSc in Advanced Control (1999) from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) in the United Kingdom. She also holds a Ph.D. in Robotics (2005) from the Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete, Greece.

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