chloroquine popups
net-based artwork, 2020

The work chloroquine popups is a webessay composed around the moment in which Brazil exceeded 100,000 deaths from SARS-CoV-2. The work explores sound, visual and interactive elements of the browser: popups, mouse and the dragging of the windows constitute the ways of playing the instrument that performs this composition. The narrative proposed in the work is shown through images that formed part of the imaginary constituted during the quarantine period. Some of these elements permeate the whole piece, which are summarized in numbers. Counting expresses not only the tautological and universal logic of the digital medium, but also the form in which we get gradually anesthetized throughout the days while listening to the announcement of hundreds of new deaths.

André Damião (BR)

André Damião, born in  São Paulo, Brasil. Is an artist working transversely across the fields of post-digital media art and experimental music. His work has focus on interface aesthetics, live coding and mobility. Graduated in Composition at the State University of São paulo (UNESP), and is a PhD student in Sonology at hte University of São Paulo (USP). He has presented his works in galleries and concert halls in 18 countries.

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