and the days are not full enough
installation, 2017

Sharon Azagi’s works combine video art, sculpture and sound, as well as machines and bodies, drawing inspiration from the world of science fiction and technology. In this performance-based two-channel video, the artist documents the process of filling the water tank in which she is trapped. Azagi recites the Hebrew translation of the poem And the days are not full enough by Ezra Pound as the water level keeps rising until it finally fills the tank to the brim, flooding the artist and the micro-world she has built for herself inside.

Sharon Azagi (IL)

I work with various mediums mixing video art, sculpture, robotics, software and sound works in a way that exposes their speculative nature. I draw my inspiration from the worlds of cyber, science fiction, and technology combining machine and body alongside a sensory exhibition laced with ritualistic characteristics. I deal with issues of eternity and decline, life and death, and existential questions of paranoia and desire. I work in cyber and physical spaces almost simultaneously when the body, often my own body, has a central function. The systems that I build have the potential of eternal life as they strive to function by themselves and for themselves without any human assistance.

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