video, 04:47, 2020

A work about the collision of embodiment with the concept of whole brain emulation. It’s part of artist’s exploration of the transformation of our understanding of indexical representation, wandering from motion capture, to sculpture and photography, but always starting from the vantage of “real” space or physical embodiment. Inspired initially by artist’s eulogy for her 95 year old mother, “EULOGY”, talks about ambition of attaining digital immortality and asks whether we can remain in some essential way ourselves without our bodies.

Susan Silas (US)

Susan Silas, dual Hungarian and American national living and working in Brooklyn, New York. A visual artist working in photography, video and sculpture. Her work, through self-portraiture, examines the meaning of embodiment, the index in representation, and the evolution of our understanding of the self. She is interested in the ageing body, gender roles, the fragility of sentient being and the potential outcome of the creation of idealized selves through bio-technology and artificial intelligence. Silas received her BA in history from Reed College and her Master’s in Fine Arts from California Institute of Arts. She is an essayist and stays committed to give women artists more media attention.

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