performance, 2020

WRO Art Center and Watermans Arts Centre / September 16, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM London time)

Alternative virtual world based on sound composition and VR engine, experienced during a Live A/V performance. Gaming assets, private 3D scans become material, evoking cognitive dissonance, ambiguous emotions where attraction and repulsion mix, one influences the other, infects, in a disturbing cognitive loop. Digitally reproduced in mass quantities, the human fascination with the aesthetics of pollution and destruction is arranged in a ‘familiar’ landscape. Its aim is not to represent reality but to explore the relationship between image, human nature, pollution, transformation and normalization. It raises the question of the relationship between today’s culture of spectacle, people’s digital relationships with the environment.


Mŏk_pang_ (Alek Sarna, Tommy Otonoke) is an experimental art platform created in 2019. , serving to explore, multi-dimensional worlds at the intersection of music, visual arts and technology (XR). The collective combines music, real-time virtual renders (created in Unreal Engine), 3D, and aims to transcend material limitations in its projects. The name refers to the worldwide, viral online audiovisual broadcast trend in which performers eat massive amounts of food while interacting with the audience to create a friendly communal atmosphere. The artists’ collaboration dates back to 2017 and has resulted in exhibitions at MS1 in Lodz, Center for Polish Sculpture, LOOPHOLE, TRAFO, Agora Arts Circle.

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