— Patish
installation, 2020

In this performance-based video work, my heart pulse activates a process of demolition where a house like structure composed out of 4 brick walls that I built collapses into itself. The structure undergoes a transformative process, functioning as part of a “breathing” and “pulsating” autonomous and self-destructive system. My heartbeat sends its electrical signals to 45 Explosives planted inside the bricks of the walls, which destroy the structure. Every 7 heartbeats 1 explosive is set up. The more I am able to remain calm in face of the situation, the slower the structure will suffer damage. If my heart rate paces faster, it will bring everything down rapidly. The end is imminent no matter what.

Sharon Azagi (IL)

I work with various mediums mixing video art, sculpture, robotics, software and sound works in a way that exposes their speculative nature. I draw my inspiration from the worlds of cyber, science fiction, and technology combining machine and body alongside a sensory exhibition laced with ritualistic characteristics. I deal with issues of eternity and decline, life and death, and existential questions of paranoia and desire. I work in cyber and physical spaces almost simultaneously when the body, often my own body, has a central function. The systems that I build have the potential of eternal life as they strive to function by themselves and for themselves without any human assistance.

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