Lady Plica Polonica
video, objects, 2020

Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Faculty of Visual Arts
Department of Photography and Multimedia
Studio of Multimedia
Supervisor: Łukasz Ogórek, PhD, DSc

Kołtunica is a non-existent myth of a hair goddess realized in the form of a music video. Spinning furs, antlers made of melted combs, a headpiece made of synthetic hair, and furry tips stand behind her tuned image. The made objects, or even accessories, refer to Lower Silesian headpieces and are the result of the author’s fondness for hair. The main character – Kołtunica – comes from the world of fantasy filtered through the early 2000s and camp aesthetics.

Kamil Wesołowski (PL)

Kamil Wesołowski is an artist for whom fashion and art constitute a common artistic space. He uses performative actions and clothing as a form of communication. He is interested in sexuality in the context of social constructs, all the clashes, and visually incompatible images – everything that escapes concrete definitions.

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