Loss Chambers
net-based artwork/object, 2020

Recycled archaeology and research project. Used SD cards with capacities suggestive of the early ’00s are purchased in the second circulation, most often from Western countries. Roughly formatted, they still contain crumbs of once saved files. Images are recovered and anonymized using neural networks. Glyphs accumulate at every stage of the process, competing with the documentary values of the files. The curated collection is a testament to technological illiteracy or far-fetched media awareness. Collecting digital waste is a journey to the origins of post-internet aesthetics, open to spiritualological reflection, but also a search for the roots of digital nativism.

Nikodem Biegowski (PL), Mikołaj Torz (PL)

Nikodem Biegowski creates objects, drawings, films and installations. Between 2014 and 2016 he co-managed the Transformer Film Discussion Club from Kota. Since 2016 he studied simultaneously film studies at Adam Mickiewicz University and intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznan. In 2016 he co-founded the Luka collective, running galleries of the same name in the Lazarski Market area of Poznań. He has shown works in exhibitions including: Luka in the Heart (Luka Gallery, 2019), Object Music III (Luka Gallery, 2019), Visual Convention (Luka Gallery, 2020).

Mikołaj Torz is a programmer at British start-up Wavepaths, a generative music and visual art startup for mental health and therapy. Collaborated with the Luka collective to produce events as part of an experimental gallery space on a Minecraft game server.

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