m h y t n i x
video, 21:56, 2020

The element lithium plays a leading role in the production of smartphone batteries and antidepressants at the same time. Coincidence or system? m h y t n i x embarks on a psychedelic road trip into a bizarre world of exploding Teslas, smartphone occultism, trash mysticism and vaporwave. Carmen, Peter and Gustav are Millennials ripe for a digital detox and in search of the “new original”: Peter wants to know where milk and batteries actually come from. And so the three of them set off on a fantastic voyage of discovery. But suddenly Peter disappears. The last sign of life from him is a cryptic SMS: m h y t n i x. An adventure begins in the hybrid terrain of the Carinthian highlands, where dairy farming, car batteries, high-tech, crypto-economies, post-digital mythology and professional paranoia meet.

Karin Ferrari (IT), Bernhard Garnicnig (AT), Peter Moosgaard (AT)

Karin Ferrari analyses signs and symbols of global media culture in order to understand the present. Since 2011 she has worked on her video series DECODING THE WHOLE TRUTH, which claims to uncover hidden messages and is inspired by the knowledge production of digital subcultures.

Bernhard Garnicnig is an artist and researcher. The starting material for his work are institutional, technopolitical and pop-cultural contexts. As The New Whole, he composed the full score for m h y t n i x on his cell phone.

Peter Moosgaard is an artist, filmmaker and copycat. He always does what he saw somewhere on the internet. Moosgaard works on a kind of counter-digitality that understands our real, material world as a place of longing and fetish.

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