New Normality. Old Habits.
— Nowa normalność. Stare nawyki.
installation, 2020

The installation consists of two elements: An object from the “Come Brush” series. – a robot made from found electronic parts and a broom, moving in circles, playing an author’s remix of an elevator muzak. The robot moves against the background of the second object in the series “Our Goal is Gross National Happiness” – a plaster wall cut to the shape of a graph showing the happiness of the inhabitants of European Union countries, according to their age 18 – 95.

Kasper Lecnim (PL)

Kasper Lecnim – visual artist, graduate of the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He uses many media. He has made scarves, organised removals, cleared snow, collided cars and challenged directors of cultural institutions to a duel. He likes mistakes and minor provocations. Lives in Warsaw. He works individually and in duo with Irmina Rusicka. He presented his works individually and collectively in such places as: Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, BWA Warszawa, Gdańska Galeria Miejska, Galeria Widna in Cracow, 8th Triennale of Youth in Orońsko. Represented by the Szara Gallery.

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