interactive installation, 2021

WRO Art Center / May 15-28

Spontaneous artistic intervention on the square in front of WRO Art Center. The instrument is made of scrap metal from Lower Silesia.

I am imagining a sound sculpture, the sound fills the whole space like plaster poured into a mold. The sound generator, which is a visible part of the sculpture, is only its small element – its throat. And yet the sculpture is not just for looking at. Movement causes vibrations, which have enormous sonic consequences. It is not about being afraid of it, but about hearing and being aware of the feeling. This vibration affects us. Your my skin tree bark bird song vibrates. Your my movement that creates sound affects its actual shape! Amazingly, no one sees it! That there is no final image, it is waves – physics. Why does it usually seem that what is visible is real? I think of Hansen and the active negative. We are dependent on being creative! Because every movement we make, even a spontaneous one like breathing, changes the invisible space around us. It’s my favorite thing to do, to imagine the sonic active negative of space. My head is spinning from that imagining.


Komunki Collective

A creative collective founded in 2021 in an apartment at Paris Commune Street in Wrocław.

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