places that have left us
video, 04:36, 2020

The places I visit change over time, filtered through my personal lens of experience. I return to places marked by these changes and feel nostalgically that they are leaving me. I scanned some of these spaces into 3D solids. In CGI, I created my own empty micro-world filled with screens projecting VHS recordings that document past places. In my world, I set up scraps of memories-scans-to run through an analog video synthesizer. I wanted to create my own archeology of image, to commune the simulacrum of virtual digital space with the phantasm of analog image. Through it, the places that left me persist between yesterday and tomorrow, unchanging for a fraction of a glance. Marta Giec – concept and realization, including: VHS shots, scans, CGI, analogue video synthesizer effects, editing, sound design, Laura Grace – voice, Jakub Didkowski – music.

Marta Giec (PL)

Marta Giec aka Dystopian Video Database – video artist, lecturer of film experimentation and editing at PWSFTviT and Warsaw Film School, in her works she combines the artificiality of the digital CGI world with the authenticity of VHS recordings and the magic of analog video synthesizer transformations.

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