Sound Window
net-based artwork + concert 2020

WRO Art Center and Watermans Arts Centre / September 16, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM London time)

Interactive, visual reactive sound piece hosted on a website, the frequencies of an electroacoustic composition are interpreted into a real-time cinematic landscape. Created during the lockdown the piece is inspired from Erik Satie´s «furniture music» concept, the audiovisual device helps to design our own soundscape indoors, inviting us to relax, becoming functional to indoors activities such as reading, writing, computer work, yoga, etc. Combining sounds and musical textures generated with instruments and electronics, the different layers of sound, faint and delicate, can be managed through a virtual mixer allowing users to carry out their own sonic combinations and compositions, creating their own soundscapes, having audio manipulation tools (delays, reverbs) users can intervene the musical sound palette.

The project was possible by the support of Asylum Arts (New York) and created during the residency at Chateau Ephemere (France)

Nicolas Melmann (AR)

Nicolás Melmann (born in Argentina) explores the social and poetic aspects of sound in his transdisciplinary projects. Melmann experiments with technology, creating linear and non-linear narratives, working in different media. His compositions draw from electroacoustic music, generative music for ensembles, experiments with sensors, hydrophones, data sonification, sound cartographies, installations, interviews and field recordings. Melmann uses sound as the raw material for his work and as a solo musician creates sonic pieces and installations using electronics, unconventional instruments, field recordings and spoken word. He also has produced music and sound for video games, television, film, and theatre. Active since more than 14 years, Melmann has released six albums and toured in Asia, Europe, North and South America. He has shown his work in numerous venues and festivals, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York , Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Potytech Museum (Moscow), SEMA (Seoul Museum of Art), MCA – Denver (Museum of Contemporary Art), Mutek Festival, Sónar Festival (Buenos Aires), and Gamma Festival (St. Petersburg), among others. He has also worked as a curator on “Lenguajes Sonoros” and been an artist in residence at the Red Bull Music Academy (New York), ZKM – Zentrum Für Kunst und Medien( Karlsruhe), AIR (Lower Austria), STEIM – Spatial Sound Residency (Netherlands) , Chateau Ephemere (France), MACBA (Arg.) among others. He has won prizes and awards including the Virtual Partnership (Goethe Institute), National Arts Foundation (Argentina), the Kosice Biennial, Asylum Arts (New York), and participated in educational projects and workshops around new music and sound art at Garrison Institute (New York), ZKM (Germany), CMMAS (Mexico), Fundación Telefónica (Perú). Along the way, Melmann has shared the stage with artists such as Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nicola Cruz, Robert Lippok, Lydia Lunch, Max Cooper, Richard Devine, and many others.

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