State of Emergency. Rave Simulator
— Stan Wyjątkowy. Rave Symulator
performative installation, 2020

WRO Art Center / August 12-15, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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An immersive installation as a rave simulator. The concept of the state of emergency, according to Agamben, is an issue that has not developed its theory. The notion – rave simulator – refers to the term in a political sense, but also refers to the state in which a person is introduced during a long rhythmic dance. We experience a unique type of isolation during a pandemic. The imposed restrictions lead to more and more isolation. Is this state of emergency possible under sterile conditions that could become the only way to meet our needs in a dystopian post-pandemic scenario? The Simulator has been designed in a way which allows each audience member to have a personalised experience of the event – one by one, they go into a simulator erected up on the stage for up to 45 minutes. A special music set dedicated to this event is created by VTSS – one of the most important artists on the European underground club scene. The event architecture and visual design is the work of Łukasz Twarkowski, in partnership with Jakub Lech.

“Recent weeks have made us aware of how quickly our bodies demand certain inputs, and how optic fibre connections are not able to replace the human touch. Can a rave simulator become an aid in sustaining these life functions? An answer to the cyclical need to expose our bodies to rhythmic sounds involving low frequencies?”
Łukasz Twarkowski

The installation uses strobe lighting, smoke machines and low frequency sounds.

The installation was created as part of the Open Studio project initiated in March 2020 by Natalia Korczakowska and Anna Lewanowicz, at the core of which are the Virtual Studios of artists invited to collaborate with STUDIO teatrgallery in Warsaw. When the restrictions were lifted, the project was also supplemented with a physical dimension.

Lukasz Twarkowski – concept and realization
VTSS – music set. one of the most important figures of the European underground club scene.
Jakub Lech – video. Video artist, co-founder of Identity Problem Group collective.

Łukasz Twarkowski (PL)

Łukasz Twarkowski – director, set designer, creator of multimedia installations. For many years he has been creating his works in co-production with the most important European theater stages.

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