Strong sisters told the brothers
— Silne siostry powiedziały braciom
video, 30:00, 2019

online / October 28, 8:00 PM

A poetic manifesto, referring to other lesbian and queer declarations – the group Radicallesbians (The Woman Identified Woman, 1970), The Lesbian Avengers (Dyke Manifesto, 1992), Queer Nation (The Queer Nation Manifesto, 1990). Translated and modified by the artist, they form a collage that immerses their articulated experiences in contemporary Polish reality. By showing how heterosexual privilege works, the artist encourages us to rethink our own positioning in a world dominated by patriarchal and heterosexual norms. The work she has created is also a call for empathy, solidarity and attentiveness to others.

Liliana Piskorska (Zeic) (PL)

Liliana Piskorska (Zeic) – visual artist, doctor of fine arts. Graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, student at the University of Warsaw. Finalist of the Forecast Forum at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin in 2017. Winner of the audience award: Views 2019: Deutsche Bank Award. Her work has been shown in over 95 group and solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her work analyses social issues from the perspective of a radical sensibility, rooted in feminist-queer practice and theory. She focuses on the relationship between the state, the nation, Central European identity and the position of peripheral identities.

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