performance, 2019

WRO Art Center and Watermans Arts Centre / September 16, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM London time)

SWERVE is a living archive of the sensuous, artificial gaze at diffracted sensibilities, virtual real spacetime manifold of preserved digital-physical dreams.
The performance operates on spoken word poetry that the artist co-writes with artificial intelligence (AI), sound and imagery that are computer generated live (CGI) from her brainwaves data (EEG), and drone performance.

Anna Nazo (RU/UK)

Anna Nazo is a London-based performance artist, researcher and educator whose practice engages computing technologies, philosophy and science. Her current focus is on artificial intelligence (AI Poetry), drones, neurotechnology, real time CGI and 360 degree video. Within live digital-physical audio-visual performance her work investigates questions of intelligence diversity, distributed forms of sensuousness, digital queer ecologies, and ethics of the technological.

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