The Game
— Игра
video, 11:12, 2020

In his work, the artist asks the question – where is the line between loneliness and self-sufficiency? There is an opinion that self-sufficiency should be seen as positive loneliness. A study titled the BBC Loneliness Experiment, in cooperation with the Wellcome Collection, surveyed how people relax. It says that the five most popular types of recreational activity are related to loneliness – not in the sense of the feeling, but when a person is alone. The megalopolis is buzzing and against this background, we are looking for time alone with ourselves. The abundance of information and constant contact with other people whom we did not choose to interact with (in public transport or at work) pushes citizens towards strategies of self-sufficiency.

Alexandr Sokolov (RU)

Alexandr Sokolov was born and works in Moscow. For the last 7 years he has been involved in street art; creating urban interventions in Russia, Paris, Berlin, Budapest and Asia. In parallel to working as a digital creator in advertising for eight years, for the last three years he started to move away from this profession and have fully devoted himself to exhibition projects and professional art, in which he continues to develop further. In 2019, he graduated from the school of contemporary art in the Free Workshops course The Newest Arts. Now he is studying at the Joseph Bakstein Institute of Contemporary Art in the New Art Strategies course.

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