The Internet is Repetitive
video, 04:07, 2019

This is a video poem that illustrates the complex nature of the system of the internet. The Internet is: a mirror, a liar, its trouble, its truth… its a healer, its a hater, its an enemy, its a friend, its a lover, its violent, its ambivalent, its sorry, its dead, its stupid, its fast, its patient, its kind, its repetitive, repetitive, repetitive repetitive, repetitive, repetitive, the internet is repetitive, is– This is an installation on a large 4K monitor, displayed vertically on a loop infinitely (with headphones). Inspired by the short nickelodeons of the day, this is a small binge of poetic commentary on the internet.

Rebby Montalvo (US)

R.M-TNKRT investigates glitches as slippages in the metaphysical spaces between humans and systems. How does one resist assimilation within problematic environments riddled with systemic bias? She creates datamoshed and remixed animations exploring this question, bringing to light and revealing the fluid pleasures and horror of such a position. RM-TNKRT has earned an Associates Degree in Film Production from Full Sail University, a Bachelors in Studio Art from Northeastern Illinois University, and an MFA from the experimental Low Residency Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is presently working on her book and pursuing her deep-learning research as a PhD candidate in the DXARTS Program at the University of Washington.

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