The Tears of Potential
— Łzy potencjału
installation, 2020-21

A project inspired by the Miller-Urey experiment and the phenomenon of the Well of Potential. Energy is unable to escape from it – remaining only potential. In this artistic-biological-programming experiment, a tear is a symbol of an emotion that has a trapped potential, which under the influence of the organization of matter can lead to a new creation, a prebiotic soup. For the project, 8 scientists were invited to lend their tears, which were then subjected to passage. In the second stage of the project, a neural network became a kind of “matter organization” to release the energy locked in the tears in the form of an electrical potential based on data obtained from measuring the pH of the solutions.

Elvin Flamingo (PL), Jowita Nowakowska-Gołacka (PL), Łukasz Pindor (PL)

Collective created through synergy of actions and ideas of the representatives of worlds of art and science. We are a group focused on constructing a new outlook on artistic activity, merging with scientific and technical paradigms. The collective was created on the initiative of the artistic-scientific duo Elvin Flamingo and Jowita Nowakowska-Gołacka, and grew out of their previous activities in the field of art+science. The members of the collective are: Elvin Flamingo – artist, author of the idea of the symbiotic nature of creation; Jowita Nowakowska-Gołacka – biologist; Łukasz Pindor – programmer, trainer of neural networks.

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