The Things I Want to Tell You
— Sana Anlatmak Istedigim Seyler
video, 22:40, 2020

Özgür Demirci presents a story of a journey towards the source of spiritual, physical and historical wounds and healing that come to life with a person and / or acquired later. It turns the points where the wound and ointment meet and separate into a two-channel performative video with two different texts and the participation of specially designed sound and music for each. Starting from bodily healing, he realizes the parts of social, environmental, political and spiritual wounds under the skin and turns to the issues that feed them.

Özgür Demirci (TR)

Özgür Demirci is an artist who creates works in various media. A large part of his oeuvre consists of videos, performances, objects, installations and works specific to the location of the exhibit. Demirci obtained his BA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Yıldız Technical University in 2008, Istanbul, and his MA in C:Art:Media at Valand School of Fine Arts in 2010, Gothenburg. He is a PhD candidate at Dokuz Eylül University Art and Design department. His selected exhibitions include Trumbauer Family Collection, Kasa Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey (2017) Survival Kit, Space Debris, Istanbul, Turkey – Cultural Transit Foundation, Yekaterinburg, Russia (2017); 8. Makedox Film Festival, Skopje, Macedonia (2017); 36th Istanbul Film Festival (2017).

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