Third-First person
video, 05:29, 2019

In what we could define as Postmediale Era, the neurocognitive sciences conceive the Subject as an entity that emerges from a vortex of experiences, perceptions, representations and self-representations. The daily appears increasingly gamified, where concepts and reality itself must be simplified, as in a video game where we are maneuvered “in the third person” by social rituals, traditions, consumerism. The performance consists of moving wearing a VR device, which plays the live image of a video camera placed on a selfie stick. The action constitutes a short circuit within the Subject, who finds himself unable to move within a reality which he himself produces by moving the stick,but which is incapable of controlling at the cognitive level.

Lorenzo Papanti (IT)

Lorenzo Papanti, born in Pisa. His video works and installations constitute hypothetical dimensions, digital hybrid places. The investigation of the physical and mental space represent a constant of his artistic research, aimed at defining the reality through perceptual verification, crossing performative territories and visual operations. His works have been shown and awarded in many international exhibitions, including: International Digital Art fest Sofia, International Video Art Forum Dammam, CODEC Festival, Web Biennial Media Arts Fest, New Media Fest, Ars Electronica.

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