Trash Walks
video, 24:30, 2020

Video rethinks the role of trash in public realm on the example of a world metropolis like NYC. In this city meet all nationalities and different approaches to trash like mass discarding garbage and objects by big buildings, business and residential, scavengers, as well as Sanitation Department. It is a series of video-recorded performative actions, showcasing trash in public spaces: how it looks like, how it is dealt with and what possible reactions it can provoke (scavenging, collection, art performances). The video investigates boundaries of art and space. While often ignored, trash piles can be sometimes sculptural and “decorative”, a sort of temporary art installations in public realm executed by supers of the buildings.

Wojciech Gilewicz (PL)

Wojciech Gilewicz is a Polish-born New York-based visual artist. Trained as a painter he views painting as an activity and a process rather than a flat decorative object. Gilewicz is also an author of installations and videos. The artist also often performs himself in front of his video camera. Gilewicz is also a photographer. In his “Them” series of photographic double self-portraits started in 2002, which continues to date the artist tells a story of loneliness, longing and non-fulfillment. At the same time, the ongoing project tackles the problem of blurring the boundaries between reality and its artistic representation – the issue which has long been present in his work.

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