Trouble in Paradise
video, 04:51, 2020

A strange mix of fantasy and realism, the viedo presents a future-Earth where advances in technology have produced a hallucinatory reality, one where the barriers separating dream, desire and real-life have been broken down. The animation follows a family as they make their way through a ruined temple overrun with alien statues and artefacts of a fictional past, taking in the sights as if everything was normal. Forming part of a larger investigation into how our increasing immersion in the internet changes the way we experience the natural world, Trouble in Paradise examines the anxiety brought about when the digital spaces existing on the other side of our phone, laptop and television screens encroach into the material world.

Ben Morris (GB)

Ben Morris, born in Warrington, UK. He studied English literature at the University of Bristol. His practise investigates the symbiotic relationship between the material world and the digital spaces existing on the internet. He is interested in the ways in which our interactions with these virtual environments produce perceptual shifts in our experience of the physical world, changing the way we see ourselves, each other and the world around us. He communicates these ideas through storytelling, creating fictional worlds that reflect upon contemporary culture and the issues brought about by the ubiquity of digital media. Using a combination of 3D modelling, photogrammetry, Artificial Intelligence and writing, the worlds he creates form the basis for photographs, animations and installations.

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