concert visualization, 2020

Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw
Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media Art
Department of Media Art
Studio of Intermedia Actions
Supervisor: Ireneusz Olszewski, PhD, DSc
Special thanks to Agnieszka Jarząb, Maja Wolińska and Marcin Rupociński

A live concert visualization composed for the music of Piotr Bednarczyk aka LOUFR. The starting point of the image is the outline of a square, which is transformed by the sounds played. It changes its form in time and space, hypnotizing and drawing the viewer into the very center of the form. Inspired by op-art and related to its unusual minimalism of forms and colors is an attempt to manifest the direction of stage art. An attempt to show that concert visualizations do not have to take a variety of shapes and shine in all colors. Sometimes to astonish and surprise it is enough to use two geometric and monochromatic figures, which have the potential to influence the audience appropriately.

Kinga Rybak (PL)

Kinga Rybak is a visual artist, photographer, combining minimalist abstraction with real forms, transferring simple geometric shapes to concert visuals. She is passionate about analog photography, an experimenter in camera-less photography, and a fan of sound art. So far she has participated in many group exhibitions including: “Lost” at Festival De Arte Lanzarote and Festival De Arte Fuerteventura, “Isolation. Living Apart” in Rome, “KUNSTZUG” at the Oktogon Gallery in Dresden, and her photograph was published in London’s “A5 Magazine”. She has repeatedly performed her visualizations at various mass events, including “Random Check”, an event accompanying the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow.

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