Voidness Of Touch
performance, 2014-ongoing

Grotowski Institute, Laboratory Theatre Space and HEVRE (Kraków) / May 13, 8:30 PM

A multimedia performance that presents land in its vibrational form, based on the idea of exploring matter vibration through direct touch and electronic processes. A intimate dialogue between a human and its inherent matter – Water, sand, dust, stones – all have different constitutions and can be understood not only through their structure but also through there vibrational qualities. By dealing with the invisible world we wonder what physicality is: the texture, the sound or even the electrical signal? Where is the beginning and the end of an organic substance?
There is no static matter, everything – including the most vigorous solid stone – has movement and frequency response. This is an evolutive piece of work, every presentation incorporates different elements, constantly reformulating itself as research. Through a sonic approach the audience is taken to a raw microscopic world of sound. Every clash between the organic materials and the performer’s body are electrically amplified through a meticulous media process. The tension point here is between technology and biological fragility. Real time intense interactions are personal quests on understanding nature.

Gil Delindro (PT)

Gil Delindro is a unique presence among a new generation of Sound and Media Arts. He has distinguished himself by the research on organic elements, ephemeral events and intangible processes in Nature. His trans-disciplinary practice is based upon film, installation, sound performance and site specific/field research, facing themes such as bioacoustics, animism, ephemerality and geology. Delindro´s pieces directly translate stages of organic matter such as soil, water, wood and detritus in to expanded sonic spatial works. His time-based installations oppose biological structures with technological components, often creating autonomous systems that exist in a fragile transient space. A great part of his work is dedicated to extensive field research in limit geographies – from the 3 month residency in African Saharan Desert “The Weight of Mountains 2015” to the Rainforests of Brazil “Resiliência 2017” – and recently the Minority Villages of Vietnam “Blind Signal 2019”, actively exploring links between field recording, anthropology, ecology and art practice. In 2016 he was selected by SHAPE as one of the most innovative sound artists working in Europe, being commissioned by reference festivals such as MusikProtokoll (Austria), Novas Frequências (Brazil), CynetArt (Dresden) Athens Digital Arts Fest (Athens), ARS Eletronica (Linz), Submerge festival (Bristol), Semibreve (Braga), among others.

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