Weather Print
— Impression météo
video, 26:18, 2019

The work traverses a scorching high-rise buildings area that stretches from Paris to its suburbs. This climate fiction creates a chronology where some residents look for the traces of past and future extreme meteorology phenomenons. They show the impact of those events on the esplanade architectures and confront the 20th century urban utopias with climate change.

Nicolas Carrier (FR), Marie Ouazzani (FR)

Marie Ouazzani was born in Lille, France.
Nicolas Carrier was born in Brive, France.
Working together since 2015, Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier have attended numerous residencies in France and abroad (Portugal, Jordan, South Korea and China). Their climate fictions explore changing urban territories (peripheries, interstices, suburbs) and consider the impact of the current ecological crisis on their inhabitants. In their work, architectures, plants, animals, humans, ghosts, try to live in an ecological balance where everything is interconnected and where every action has an impact on other elements. Their videos mix erudition and invention to offer new forms of resistance to urbanization and to rethink our way of living on the planet. The duo also designs infusions whose recipes are elaborated from selected plants, based on the specificities, history, myths and legends of a territory.

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